Station Debout is a center for clinical research and adapted physical activity for rehabilitation purposes.
Maintaining regular physical activity beyond the rehabilitation period is a major challenge for people with motor deficits. Physical activity is considered a priority and a right for all in a WHO report on disability.

After receiving the best possible care in a rehabilitation center, it is imperative to avoid the vicious circle of a sedentary lifestyle and disability, with all the known consequences on quality of life and health (heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke, progressive diseases, etc.).

The purpose of the French Institute for Spinal Cord and Brain Research (IRME), sponsored by Jean-Marc Ribes, Chairman of the Management Board of Louvre Banque Privée, is to offer a suitable structure, accessible to all, integrated into their living environment, which allows regular physical activity for rehabilitation purposes to people with a motor disability.

A replicable model

Today, Station Debout is on a prototype scale. Our purpose is to expand Station Debout nationwide.

Station Debout aims to expand throughout France to be a relay for hospitals and rehabilitation centers and offer adapted physical activities for rehabilitation purposes.

Officially inaugurated by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, on January 26, 2023, we are testing the feasibility, effectiveness and relevance of a Station Debout center.

Station Debout centre de recherche et d'activité physique adaptée

Follow-up care in the center of Paris

Location : 
43 Ter rue Etienne Marcel
75001 Paris

This friendly place responds to a request and the need for maintenance rehabilitation. It is organized on a reproducible model (the research protocols implemented by the IRME will target different pathologies in order to measure the benefit and adapt the activities).

Thanks to donations, everyone on their own scale can participate in scientific advances


Supervised by physiotherapists and Teachers in Adapted Physical Activity (EAPA), the center provides equipment for retraining and sensorimotor rehabilitation mainly focused on standing, balance, walking, strengthening and flexibility and above all the adaptation to effort.

Station Debout wants to establish partnerships with companies and start-ups in order to measure and quantify the benefits of their equipment and thus highlight their relevance in the field of functional rehabilitation to the scientific community.

The center provides medical devices allowing re-training and sensorimotor rehabilitation mainly focused on standing, balance, walking, strengthening, flexibility and above all adaptation to effort.
The tools developed by the French start-ups Technoconcept, Wandercraft, Ezygain and Kurage participate in it.

Equipement médical Vibramoov développé<br />
par Technoconcept


Vibramoov ProThe Vibramoov is a neurorehabilitation device using focal mechanical stimulation developed by Technoconcept. It offers two main modes of treatment: (i) functional proprioceptive stimulation (FPS) for the preservation or recovery of the sensory-motor system and (ii) muscle focal vibrations for the regulation of muscle tone.
(i) The Functional Proprioceptive Stimulations (FPS) of Vibramoov activate the sensory part of the nervous system. They allow patients to feel and re-initiate movement. From the first days of hospitalization, they provide the brain with sensory information identical to that of natural movements. These stimulations, unique in the world, are the result of 20 years of French scientific research. They keep alive and feed the networks of our brain which are essential to the realization of the movements. They make Vibramoov a medical device of public utility.
(ii) Focal vibrations applied to the muscular body to cause contractions of hypotonic muscles or inhibition of hypertonic muscles.
By causing an increase in the tone of the stimulated muscle, the stimulation generates a reciprocal inhibition of the antagonist muscle, and therefore its progressive relaxation.


EzyGain has installed its techno hub at Station Debout. A set of interconnected devices (also available in rehabilitation centers or at home):

  • ema® (a standing treadmill) and amy® (a treadmill with anti-fall protection): the two devices integrate playful walking and balance exercises, and analysis of dynamic and static performance
  • VR Pro: the most advanced virtual reality device for gait rehabilitation
  • VR Essential: an ultra-compact and easy-to-use virtual reality device, compatible with all Hub devices
  • Cyclosense: a device that makes any existing pedalboard fun
ema station de marche ezyGain


  • Verticalization
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Cognitive
Station de marche AMY de ezyGain


  • Safety
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Cognitive
Dispositif VR Essentiel par ezyGain

VR Essentiel

  • Escape and relaxation
  • Upper members
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Cognitive
Dispositif VR Pro par ezyGain

VR Pro

  • Upper members
  • Balance
  • Walking
  • Cognitive
Pédalier électrique Cyclosense par ezyGain


  • Evasion
  • Videogame
  • Analyse
  • Cognitive

Exosquelette Atalante

  • Variation of intensity
  • Stability
  • Optimized and realistic gait kinematics
Rameur électrostimulé Kurage

Rameur électrostimulé Kurage

  • Increase in aerobic capacity
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved maximum strength
  • Decreased degree of spasticity

Station Debout: above all a place of research where different devices are tested in order to evaluate them within the framework of projects
A big thank you to Elite Medical and Catherine Legrand, amazing tests in a paraplegic with a high chest injury, a rehabilitation protocol is planned in combination with spinal cord stimulation

A research center unique in Europe

The purpose of this center is to measure and quantify scientifically, through research protocols, the benefits of new state of the art medical devices in order to update and improve the care of patients with spinal cord and neurological injuries.

The aim is to design intensive and efficient protocols to be provided to hospitals and rehabilitation centers in order for the patients to patients benefit from the earliest possible post-injury rehabilitation.

Station Debout wants to establish partnerships with companies and start-ups to assess and quantify their products’ benefits and thus highlight their relevance to the scientific community in the field of functional rehabilitation.
Station Debout is committed to offering adapted physical activities to everyone for free. That is why all the sessions are entirely financed by sponsorships and donations.


Louvre Banque Privée
Sopra Steria
Vibramoov Technoconcept


ARSLA association pour la recherche sur la sclérose latérale amyotrophique et autres maladies motoneurone
Fondation Matmut Paul Bennetot
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